Ride’s future as a 3rd party alternative

Today I woke up to the news that Boosted added ride recording to their official Boosted Board app. Anticipating questions around Ride’s future, since this is one of its main features, I thought I’d write a short post to put everyone at ease.

It seems like only yesterday that I wrote a similar post when Apple released features pretty similar to my first app, MacID. Two years on MacID (now called Unlox) is doing fine and it’s because it has unique features that help drive things forward.

And it’s the same for Ride. Sure, Ride’s main feature is tracking your route, but it does a lot more than that (with a lot more planned). Ride, for example, has an Apple Watch app which lets you see your speed and distance on your wrist while you’re riding, and also has IFTTT integration which means people who live at the top of hills can automatically turn off their board when it reaches  a certain percentage to avoid over charging while travelling downhill.

I’ve never spoken directly to anyone from Boosted about Ride, but who knows, maybe their app has ride tracking now because of Ride.

This happens a lot in the app industry, take 3rd party Twitter clients for example. They pioneered features such as mutes and quote retweeting, which the main Twitter app incorporated and now it’s just part of the Twitter experience.

3rd party apps will always drive innovation, and I’ll keep doing that with Ride.